Why Should Be Here

What is the Purpose of Portal?

The purpose of the portal is to publish the contact and address information of healthcare institutions that have received authorization from the Turkish Ministry of Health. Our aim is to make it easy for foreign patients and official and private institutions to reach authorized institutions in Turkey. We are not an intermediary company, we do not keep records of patients, and we do not charge any commission or fees.


How Does You? is the only and first portal that lists all healthcare institutions authorized by the Ministry of Health. We only list authorized healthcare institutions with their correct contact information. Therefore, our portal is a valuable reference source for our country. By being listed on, you can also be visible on many foreign country portals such as "" and "" that foreign health ministries and institutions use to verify your information. Our portal also receives direct links from around 3,000 hotel reservation pages and holiday portals, which means that by being listed on our portal, you can be visible and reachable to 40% of the tourists coming to our country. As partners with Microsoft and Google, we provide our users with free advertising and promotional opportunities. By being listed on our portal, you can take advantage of these advertising services without paying any fees.


Updating Your Information on the Portal is Easy:

We receive all information about your institution from the Turkish Ministry of Health. If there is any error or omission in your information, you can update it using the free user code and password that you can get from us, or you can ask us to update it for you. In either case, you are not required to pay any fees.


We Want You to Be Listed on Our Portal:

You can be listed on our portal for free and update your information in any way you want, making it easier for your patients to reach you in Turkey and many foreign countries. However, if you do not want to take advantage of this free promotional service, you can permanently delete your registration by emailing info